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Finnfighting Federation's  web page is a portal to support style of Martial Arts, Kuzuri-kai Jiu Jitsu it's practitioners  and our "Team "Northern Lights"


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Kuzuri-Kai ( Wolverine ~Gulo gulo ) is Jiu Jitsu style originating from Finland by Karate, Judo, MMA, BJJ and Kick Boxing instructors with totaled over hundred years of experience.


As Kuzuri-Kai follows the path of traditional Japanese Martial Arts exemplars and even tho having a huge influences from modern MMA, BJJ, Kick Boxing and Judo it is termed as Jiu Jitsu.


The addendum of the "new era" martial arts has made this a straight forward and extremely effective style. Even if training can be hard in "main stream" Kuzuri- Kai, there is versions to suit all ages and sexes, from children to elderly.


Part of Kuzuri-Kai training is also weapons, for example traditional Finnish  knives and knives from Lappland, called "leuku",  stick fighting, batons and kubotan, to mention some.


As Kuzuri-Kai is so effective as self defense, we offer several systems in "packaged format" for differing seminars and courses. Most common is women's self defense mini-seminars. All These can be inquired from contacts  page.