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Finnfighting Federation's  web page is a portal to support style of Martial Arts, Kuzuri-kai Jiu Jitsu it's practitioners  and our "Team "Northern Lights"


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    New friendship club, lead by Sensei Jens Hogsander (5th                                                                                   Dan ju jutsu, also graded black belt in several other diciplines), We are happy and honored in           having such a high level dojo as our friend ! 


Our Newest Friendship club is Turun Seudun Kamppailijat ry from Turku Finland. Turun Seudun Kamppailijat teaches, BJJ, Boxing, self defence and thai boxing.

Our newest honorary member Mr Mohamed Abdel Hamid ( Head Coach at EgyptianTop Team ), with Mr Jari Ilkka from FinnFighting Federation.













Kuzuri-Kai Chief Instructor Jari Ilkka received a presticious Delegate status for Finland, from International Budo Ryu Academy

Finn Fighting Federation's Jari Ilkka is going to Egypt this weekend ( 10.12.2017 ) to EFC Fight Night 30.

--> WELCOME TO EGYPT to our Event
First MMA Champion in Finland
Organizer of Finnfight and Turkufight already 20 years
Started MMA 20 years ago and has been training martial arts over 30 years
Has been fighting in MMA, NHB, Submission Wrestling, BJJ, Grappling, Kyokushin Karate and Kick Boxing

Finn Fighting TEAM at World Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Federation's Autumn Camp 2017.

Team received several graduations, includind a 1. Dan Black Belt in Kick Boxing ( Mr Janne Laine) and Iaido Graduations ( Mr' Jari Ilkka and Sami Koivumäki).

At the same ceremony two honorary membership awards were presented. To Sensei Jens Högsander and Sensei Saeed San for their continued support and assistance to FinnFighting Federation.

Finn Fighting  Federation was also awarded the Dojo Licence from World Hoku Shin Ko Ryu Federation. We hope the co-operation to continue for years to come.

We congratulate all who received awards and graduations.